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Yearly Preserves


I was quite pleased with this year’s preserves. I tried many new things, including canning and lacto-fermenting. I really enjoyed the fermenting process, and the pickles I made were delicious! I’m definitely learning a lot through this food journey, and I am excited for next year.

Preserving Recipes:

1. Frozen Parsley:
2. Canned Salsa: (via simple recipes).
3. Canned Spaghetti sauce:
4. Canned Blackberry jam:
5. Fermented carrots: (via the nourishing gourmet). *note: I didn’t use whey.
6. Fermented Dill pickles:

August Harvest


I thought I’d share with you all a few photos of some of my garden’s august harvest. We sure did get a lot of tomatoes and beans this year.


I think next year I will try for a higher cucumber yield, though. This year mine didn’t do too well, so we ended up harvesting some at Jonathan’s mother’s garden, since she had plenty to spare.

Time to start preserving all these beauties!

Beans, Beans, Beans!


This year I decided to try pole beans, and I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the plants grew and how much they produced. My entire family basically had beans for dinner for most of the late summer.

One problem I did encounter was that they grew so high! I unfortunately wasn’t able to plant them at the northernmost section of my garden, due to having a shared plot, which meant that a lot of my partner’s garden was shaded.

So, I do recommend that you plant these in an area that won’t shade the rest of your garden. And remember to get extra high poles for them to grow on! My beans grew to about eight feet!